kate korte travel blog student travel study abroad exchange student londonHey! I’m Kate, a student, writer, and a cheap flight fan. I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Political Science. Since graduating high school in 2015, I’ve travelled to eight European countries, studied abroad in England, travelled to Thailand, Bali, and Australia, and explored my own backyard in Canada with trips to Toronto, the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. I’m here to help other students go abroad during their degree!

I know travelling during your university degree is not easy. Uni students hardly have the money to buy groceries beyond pasta – let alone flights to the other side of the world. However, with careful planning and help from friends, going abroad during your degree is totally possible. I’m a living example! My goal is to help students realize their travel dreams are possible. I’m not a travel agent or even an influencer, I just provide helpful and personalized advice to students looking to go abroad during their degree.