The Best Winter Weekend in Jasper

With Jasper just a few hours away from my hometown, it makes it hard to resist taking a few days off work to escape to the mountains. There’s something about the mountain air; two days in the Rockies was enough to leave us feeling more relaxed.  

When we were in Jasper we booked one night at Pyramid Lake Resort. In summer (June-August, peak season) a room here can cost upwards of 300$ a night but for us, it was only 30$ per person. We did use a coupon I had for but the mai

How to Have an Amazing Weekend in New York on a Student Budget

When my friends said they wanted to do a New York weekend, I was a little scared for my bank account. The city isn’t exactly known for cheap food and hostels but we were able to have an incredible time – spending under 150$ each. In this blog post, I’ve got our favorite things to do, my full budget, a free map of our top spots, and last but not least – the list we drafted on the car ride home of our top tips for other student travelers.